You now have a real, viable alternative to self-management or to your present property management company.  If you are fed up with your management company controlling the funds in your bank accounts and not including you in the approval process, then you need to be considering KC Property Services, LLC, as your property manager.  We involve the board member(s) by asking for permission before spending association funds. In addition, we have an accountant taking care of the financials.  


Are you tired of getting hit with huge maintenance invoices when your management company fixes even the minor problems?  We are not tied to any one or group of contractors.  We have a variety of contractors that have proven they perform services reliably at costs that will be competitive.  Perhaps you are happy with certain contractors that  provide you good service.  No problem, KC Property Services, LLC, has absolutely no financial interest in any service contractor.  You now have a choice, KC Property Services, LLC.

We offer...

  • Competitive monthly fees

  • Unmatched performance and results

  • Contract term per your requirement

  • Simple pricing with no hidden fees

  • Emergency phone line

  • Attendance at regular Board meetings

  • Regular bills paid on time avoiding late fees

  • Close communication with Board reps

  • Unparalleled service and support